PROCLANE releases Shopify adapter for SAP Cloud Integration

Digital commerce has already been on the rise for some time. This development has only been accelerated by the pandemic. This refers not only to the B2C, but also to the B2B segment. In 2020 alone, eCommerce sales are expected to have doubled compared to forecasts. Added to this is the change in buyer behavior in both areas. People no longer order exclusively from traditional web stores; the average buyer now uses up to 6 different channels for their orders. This is a strong argument for making your own web store as attractive as possible for potential buyers.

In order to achieve a high order rate, it is important to provide the user with a perfect ordering experience, which means that ordering must be reliable, fast, customer-optimized and with real-time data. Optimal coordination between the ERP system and the online store is essential for this.

For this reason, PROCLANE has developed an adapter for data transfer from SAP Cloud Integration to Shopify. The implementation effort is low due to the reduction of the integration processes to the essentials, but offers a high degree of flexibility. A large number of the elements are already preconfigured. However, the user is not bound to the pre-configuration, as the fields can be dynamically supplied to the Shopify adapter. This dynamic applies to APIs, methods and queries. Furthermore, various API versions are supported, so that the conversion of processes to other API versions can be carried out without any problems, and it is also easy to switch between JSON and XML. Encrypted data transfer using TLS/SSL, as well as securing the access token in SAP Cloud Integration are a matter of course.

Further information and the possibility of purchase can be found at the SAP Shop.