All information at a glance

In eCommerce you cannot touch products. This makes even more important to describe them as well as possible, to show them on attractive photos and to provide them with additional information. A lot of data is quickly collected, more than you can manage in your ERP system. With each additional product you sell, each new language version or each new sales channel, the amount of information increases. And the time you spend searching, editing, updating and publishing is longer.

With a PIM system, you manage all your data centrally in one place. You always know where which texts and images are currently being published. At a glance you can see where information or attributes are missing. Updates are bundled for all channels and above all: only once.


Enhance your product data: with Pimcore for OXID4SAP

The online shop and ERP systems are perfectly integrated in PROCLANE Commerce eCommerce projects. However, if you want to show more product information than your ERP can provide, or if you want to sell simultaneously via several channels, you need a PIM system. We have developed a solution especially for these requirements: a PIM system that is optimally tailored to the requirements and processes of OXID4SAP.

We use Pimcore, one of the most proven PIM systems on the market. Pimcore is an OpenSource solution, so you don't pay any license costs. This keeps your PIM project manageable, even if you start it at the same time as setting up your new online shop.


At a glance: The most important advantages of Pimcore for OXID4SAP

  • Already fully integrated into OXID4SAP

  • No license costs

  • Quick and easy adaptation to your requirements

  • Clear frontend and very good usability

  • Extensive standard functionalities

  • Easy extensibility of product information and attributes

  • Clear maintenance of categories for your online shop

  • Where-used list for images and documents

  • Easy export to Adobe InDesign via standard "EasyCatalog" plugin

  • SAP-certified integration processes


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