Welcome to IntegrationMan!

The IntegrationMan from PROCLANE Integration is a flexible platform for system integration. It connects a wide variety of enterprise applications as a central data hub. With the IntegrationMan as middleware, your ERP system, your online store and your CRM solution, for example, automatically exchange data, orders and documents.

Because the integration processes in IntegrationMan are standardized, you can use it to implement many interface projects in a third of the usual time. For frequent interface requirements, ready-made process templates are available that only need to be adapted for your special requirements.

Efficiency through defined standards

Systems with fixed standards communicate via middleware. If a new system is added, we establish the connection to the middleware. The structure is on standby and all other processes remain unchanged.

Everything in view thanks to central control

All systems connected to a data hub communicate independently with each other. In eCommerce this is a great advantage: You only maintain your data centrally in your ERP or PIM system. According to fixed rules, these are then automatically played out in all connected shops and marketplaces. You always have an overview and know exactly what appears where.

Flexibility for new systems

If you wish to replace one of the connected systems over time, this is no problem. The IntegrationMan, your middleware, and all other systems remain in place. You do not have to worry about the structure of the interface to the new system. It will also remain the same.

Security against external attacks

Middleware that connects an SAP® system with an external application also shields the system from the outside world. This is because any access from the Internet, for example from a store, is only made to the middleware and no longer directly to the SAP® system.

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IntegrationMan: central data hub between any systems

In ERP projects, you benefit from the use of IntegrationMan:

Short implementation time

We work openly according to the best practice approach: We make standards out of all interfaces that we develop for IntegrationMan. These are then available for comparable tasks and accelerate your comparable project.

Flexible growth

Thanks to IntegrationMan's scalable Process Engine, we can respond quickly and easily to growing process requirements at any time.

Fast changes

IntegrationMan provides a graphical user interface for modeling business processes. This enables our Integration Architects to react quickly when your requirements change.

Fit for the future

Investment security and flexibility are important criteria in ERP integration. We guarantee this through proven adapters, a scalable process engine and the adaptation of the SOA concept. It goes without saying that we rely on all common industry standards such as WebServices, REST or XML.

Convenient connection

Our plugins and wizard-supported connectors are proven many times over. This enables us to connect other systems in your company easily and flexibly.

Operational reliability and transparency

IntegrationMan provides a Control Center for monitoring, error handling, and transaction control. This allows us to quickly recognize when something is stuck and intervene immediately.

The most important features of IntegrationMan at a glance:

  • Structured business processes

  • Standardized and secure connection of all participating systems

  • Process-controlled and fast data transmission

  • Automated error handling

  • Transparent monitoring of all processes

  • Fast responsiveness

  • Efficiency increase and time optimization

  • Equalisation of fluctuations and load balancing


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