Pictures, texts, documents perfectly integrated

Images for brochures, elaborate drawings, product texts in various lengths: In a PIM you organize extensive product data. With IntegrationMan, you'll end up wherever you want them to appear. And automatically.


Central Digital Asset Management

Product Information Management (PIM) systems are used when companies hold extensive product data: high-resolution photos, exploded views, texts optimized for SEO or customer reviews...

Storing different data in different places makes your work slow and error-prone. How much time do your colleagues spend searching, assigning, adjusting and filing? And who can afford to do that when new distribution channels are being added at the same time, such as marketplaces?

In a PIM system, all data is in one place. They are found at the push of a button and can be systematically edited and published if you need a new image format for a web shop, for example.

PROCLANE Integration has developed standard processes especially for connecting PIM systems to web shops, ERP and CMS systems. This means for you: You manage your master data and availability in the ERP, all product information is maintained in the central PIM. Online shops, websites or marketplaces automatically obtain the data from there. For your customers, everything flows together in different frontends.

The PIM interface of PROCLANE is part of our integration solution IntegrationMan. All processes between PIM systems, SAP or other ERP applications, CRM solutions and online shops are integrated beyond the system landscapes. They are configurable and can be flexibly adapted to your individual requirements.

At a glance: The advantages of PIM integration through PROCLANE Integration

  • Central control of all product data

  • Efficient data maintenance

  • Complete overview of data inventory and use

  • Multichannel publishing, time-controllable

  • Automatic and secure data transmission to any system

  • Easy integration of additional platforms

  • SAP-certified integration

Emil Hadner is Managing Director of PROCLANE.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us: +49 40 226 188 555.


Ready-made adapters for the integration of numerous PIM systems

PROCLANE integrates systems via the integration platform IntegrationMan. Many of the integration processes required for the connection of PIM systems are already prefabricated in it. We therefore efficiently implement integration projects with PIM systems known to us in a fraction of the usual time.


Currently, ready iMan PIM adapters are available for the PIM systems fromASIM, Contentserv, crossbase, Cumulus, Mediando, Neoseven, OMN, OpusCapita, Pimcore, SyncForce and viamedici. We integrate all other PIM systems via standard programming interfaces, so-called APIs. The IntegrationMan integration processes are SAP-certified.

Pimcore is an award-winning content, data management and multichannel publishing suite. Together with an OXID web shop, PROCLANE Commerce has developed the best-integrated shop/PIM solution for SAP systems: OXID4SAP+PIM.