Pay, book, confirm: automatic processes for EPR system and payment

If you want to sell efficiently online, you have to process not only orders but also payments automatically. This is just as true in B2B business as it is in B2C. Payment Service Providers (PSP) operate platforms for the fully automated and holistic handling of payment processes. And we integrate them easily into your online shop.


Let your customers pay as they like!

PSP service providers offer a wide range of payment methods, take care of the processing for you and guarantee the security of the transactions. With our payment integration, we seamlessly link the PSP provider's processes to your ERP system. Incoming payments are booked automatically.

This allows you to offer your customers a wide range of payment options and at the same time minimise your internal processing costs. And what about cancellations or partial deliveries? These are also booked automatically with the IntegrationMan processes.


The PROCLANE PSP Integration Platform

PROCLANE's PSP integration platform is a cloud-based platform with ready-to-use interfaces to well-known payment service providers (PSP) and their various payment methods. You can dock directly to this platform from your SAP or other ERP system. Many processes, such as credit card payment, are already available as a standard. Your individual connection can therefore be realized with comparatively little effort.

Typical payment operations from ERP systems:

Capture: partial/full delivery charge
Reversal: Cancellation
Redebit: new load
Renewal: Renewal of authorisation
Refund: partial or full refund



At a glance: The advantages of the PROCLANE PSP integration platform

  • Standardized and secure payment procedures for your customers

  • Automatic processing, also of cancellations or partial deliveries

  • Fast and uncomplicated connection to your online shop

  • Standardized and SAP-certified integration processes

  • Greatest possible flexibility

  • Parallel connection of several PSP possible

  • Payments can be distributed to several credit cards

  • Customer proved solution


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