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You take care of the essentials, we take care of keeping your systems running

Managed Services by PROCLANE, your worry-free operation of our PROCLANE solutions in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

The topic of the cloud is totally in vogue in terms of digitalisation. More and more companies are shifting services for the operation of applications to servers to the cloud. However, the maintenance of the technology is associated with some effort. Updates and security patches must be applied promptly and the functionality of the servers must be secured. Appropriate monitoring and error handling must also be carried out continuously.

In order to outsource this effort, the use of managed services in the Microsoft Azure Cloud is an option.


Managed Services without compromise

Maintaining resources for operation in the cloud costs valuable time. Nevertheless, applications such as online shops, PIM systems and integration should function reliably and be highly available. The issue of scalability also plays a role, for example if more traffic or additional systems are to be integrated into the existing set-up. PROCLANE offers a solution for this, where you can place the responsibility in our hands without hesitation.

We take over all the necessary services for your IntegrationMan and your PIM system:

  • Managing
  • Hosting
  • System monitoring
  • Error handling
  • Installation of service packs, patches and updates

"Many of our customers move their PROCLANE solutions to the MS AZURE cloud and have us manage them professionally.

PROCLANE Integration

Managed Services as full service

Advantages of Managed Services

Outsourcing the operation of your PROCLANE solutions has a number of advantages:

  • Your IT department does not have to take care of the operation of the servers and can therefore devote itself to other tasks
  • The hosted systems run stably and are available constantly
  • Data security and scalability are guaranteed at all times
  • Setting up the managed services is simple, fast and flexible
  • Quick implementation of changes or extensions by our competent team
  • You only have one dedicated contact person

Benefit from our experience

PROCLANE is a specialist in the area of digitalisation and focused on the topic of Software as a Service and Cloud early on. Enquiries in this segment have risen sharply in recent months, as this subject is increasingly coming into focus in the market and among our customers.
Our experienced team knows the structures and interfaces of the individual systems inside out and can intervene immediately if irregularities occur.
We rely on rental models and Microsoft Azure Servers.


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