plentymarkets and Tradebyte – All-in-one

All retail business processes can be controlled with a single software solutions, for example plentymarkets and Tradebyte.

From item placement and order processing to payment and fulfillment, all processes are effectively linked so that retailers can offer their customers order fulfillment in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality of service.

Reaching customers everywhere with omnichannel sales

Omnichannel, the distribution through many channels, is one of the most important trends in eCommerce. Customers not only order in online shops, they also use marketplaces and e-commerce platforms. It is becoming more and more important for companies to show a flexible presence here.

plentymarkets and Tradebyte bundle access to a large variety of stores and marketplaces on just one platform. In addition, there are interfaces for payment, shipping and checkout/POS. Thanks to the functions and interfaces, the online-based software enables fully automated implementation of online and offline commerce.


With PROCLANE's middleware and standard interfaces, you can integrate the benefits of plentymarkets and Tradebyte into your ERP system in a standardized way. The solution is applicable in SAP® ECC, S/4HANA® or SAP® Business One. Maintain your data for all sales channels centrally in one place. This way, you keep track of your offers and orders at all times. They are automatically transferred to your ERP via plentymarkets and created there.



At a glance: The advantages of plentymarkets and Tradebyte SAP-integration

  • Access to many marketplaces directly from your ERP system

  • Certified for SAP NetWeaver and SAP S/4HANA

  • Comprehensive solutions for payment, shipping and fulfillment

  • Central maintenance of all Omnichannel data

  • Fully automated transactions, automatic order creation

  • Automatic and secure data transmission

  • Complete, central overview of all orders

  • Live monitoring and error handling for fast reactions

  • Increased efficiency and cost savings

  • Easy integration into existing IntegrationMan connections

Setting up a broad base quickly: eCommerce made simple!

Multichannel solutions like plentymarkets and Tradebyte bundle access to marketplaces and stores for anyone who wants to broaden their eCommerce footprint. With iMan's standard interfaces, you connect plentymarkets directly to your ERP system. Product data and prices are transferred automatically, and orders are created automatically in the ERP system.

The most important information and benefits for merchants are summarized in a PDF document for download.

If you want to quickly implement the most important integration processes between your ERP system and plentymarkets, we currently have suitable offers for you. Contact us: +49 40 226 188 555 or

Download now: Jetzt downloaden: Flyer plentymarkets / Tradebyte Integration
Download now: The most essential information on plentymarkets- / Tradebyte Integration in SAP- and other ERP-systems

Full-service agency service for plentymarkets and Tradebyte

PROCLANE is now a plentymarkets and Tradebyte agency. We offer companies that want to quickly expand their digital business full service for the set-up and operation of their platform. We also take care of the manual maintenance of your data for you. For companies looking for automated data exchange with ERP and PIM systems, we offer the complete service from a single source.


Omnichannel integration with IntegrationMan and plentymarkets / Tradebyte:

Via PROCLANE IntegrationMan and plentymarkets / Tradebyte ERP-systems can be connected to various big onlineshops in a standardized way.

Questions about the connection via plentymarkets / Tradebyte? Any time: +49 40 226 188 555.