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PROCLANE is a leading system house for eCommerce, data integration and consulting for digital processes. We work in the middle of Hamburg, between Speicherstadt and Rathausmarkt. Our customers mainly come from the B2B sector, for example from mechanical engineering and trade.

We have two major business areas: In the PROCLANE Integration division, we specialize in data integration, for example for the integration of SAP and nonSAP systems or the connection of other ERPs. For this purpose, we use our own integration solution, IntegrationMan or iMan for short. We have implemented more than 300 integration projects since 2009, initially under the name HONICO eBusiness, and since April 1, 2019 as PROCLANE Integration. 
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In the PROCLANE Commerce division, we have been implementing complex online shops with real-time processes from ERP systems since 2013, as required above all in B2B business. With OXID4SAP, we offer the best-integrated solution for companies looking for a modular, easily scalable online shop with connection to their SAP system. 
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On April 1, 2019, PROCLANE Integration emerged from the former HONICO eBusiness. After more than ten years in the network of HONICO's SAP experts, we have now also positioned ourselves more broadly. For a long time, we have not only integrated SAP and nonSAP systems, but have also significantly expanded our portfolio.


Any questions? Please contact us: +49 40 226 188 555.