Full ride ahead for your online business

An online shop can only be successful if its backend processes are efficient. This is especially true in the fast and complex B2B environment. No standard online shop is prepared by its very nature for the connection of ERP systems, and no ERP system delivers data on its own that fits the presentation in modern web shops. This is where we come in: We specialize in the seamless integration of ERP systems and online shops. Your processes run on their own. And you have the time to take care of your customers and your business.

As up-to-date as B2B, as simple as B2C

PROCLANE Integration specializes in the complex integration of online shops and ERP systems, such as SAP. For the integration, we use the IntegrationMan software developed by us, in which we have bundled our knowledge from more than ten years of eCommerce integration. IntegrationMan, or iMan as we call it, provides ready-to-use adapters for many eCommerce applications. This means that many processes that are executed with every eCommerce connection, such as the transfer of material master data or inventories, no longer need to be programmed. The remaining individualization effort is significantly lower than with reprogramming. This shortens the time-to-market of your integration project enormously.

But our eCommerce integration can do even more: If the online shop and ERP system are connected via IntegrationMan, the basis for further connections is also available. Using PIM integration, you can then automatically further enrich your product data from the ERP. A payment integration makes payment processing easier for you. And by connecting marketplaces and portals, you can multiply your sales opportunities, even though your support effort remains low.

The project with PROCLANE integration went as planned. Thanks to the competent contact persons and short decision paths, the project could be advanced quickly and optimally. We are happy to have chosen IntegrationMan as the interface between the SAP, shop and CRM systems. This flexible platform allows us the best possible data exchange between the various systems".


Golfino AG

At a glance: The advantages of eCommerce integration through PROCLANE Integration

  • Optimization of all internal data and processes for eCommerce

  • Fully automated transactions

  • Automatic and secure data transmission

  • Easy entry, flexibly expandable

  • Marketplace and logistics connection possible

  • Quick reactions: Live monitoring and error handling

  • Increased efficiency and cost savings

  • SAP-certified solution

eCommerce integration with IntegrationMan


Any questions? Please feel free to contact us: +49 40 226 188 555.

Ready-made adapters for the integration of numerous online shops

Many eCommerce integration processes are similar. That's why we rely on standards that are stored in IntegrationMan. We have ready interfaces ready for the integration of the online shops of OXID, Shopware, Magento and Intershop. We integrate additional online shops via standard programming interfaces, so-called APIs. The IntegrationMan integration processes are SAP-certfied.

Current reference

Our customer Framo Morat sells worm and wheel sets to its worldwide industrial customers in its online shop. In numerous real-time processes, the online shop and SAP system exchange data and orders automatically and live.

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