Make more out of your customer data!

CRM integration is an effective solution to do targeted marketing and drive your business. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a good tool to organize and collect customer data, because for success in marketing and sales you need customer data. After connecting your CRM system to ERP or online store, they are available everywhere in a uniform and up-to-date way.


Who knows more can make better offers

The main advantage is that you create an individual relationship between the company and the customer.

The individual customer relationship makes it possible to enter into a targeted dialog with the customer and thus to design marketing measures efficiently.

This makes it all the more important to have access to all customer information. If this information is distributed across different systems, it is time-consuming.

A connection of your CRM solution to your ERP system or your store offers the solution. This means that data is automatically exchanged between the CRM (for example Salesforce, MS Dynamics or Cobra) and other applications.


Central data maintenance on the road

The information is only maintained in one place. Orders are generated automatically with this data. Wherever this information is needed, it is ready to hand and up-to-date.

When information is entered and edited manually, errors happen. The quality of your data improves after CRM integration, because automation creates clear structures. Manual errors are eliminated. This saves a lot of time and work.

Ready-made adapters for the integration of numerous CRM systems

PROCLANE integrates systems via the integration platform IntegrationMan. Many of the integration processes required for connecting CRM solutions to ERP systems and web shops are already prefabricated in it. This applies in particular to CRM integration with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and cobra. As a result, integration projects with IntegrationMan run much faster and cheaper than with comparable solutions. We integrate all other CRM systems via standard programming interfaces, so-called APIs. The CRM integration via IntegrationMan is SAP-certified.

At a glance: The advantages of CRM integration through PROCLANE Integration

  • Automatic data synchronization between ERP, shop and other systems

  • Up-to-date and complete customer data at all times

  • Easy access to orders, sales and delivery blocks

  • Noticeably lower effort for data acquisition and reconciliation

  • Time and resource savings for sales, marketing and IT

  • Targeted control of sales and marketing campaigns

  • SAP-certified solution

  • General improvement of data timeliness and quality


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