Tradebyte and PROCLANE implement new projects together

In addition to the traditional eCommerce tool of the online store, platforms and marketplaces are now firmly in the group of tools that decisively shape online sales. Marketplaces continue to gain  importance, with growth at the format level at around 40%. By connecting marketplaces and platforms, different sales channels are targeted according to defined criteria, such as specific assortments and seasonal focuses. 

Neben dem traditionellen eCommerce Tool des Onlineshops gehören Plattformen und Marktplätze heute fest in die Gruppe der Instrumente, die den Onlineabsatz entscheidend prägen. Die Markplätze gewinnen weiterhin an Bedeutung, das Wachstum auf Formatebene liegt bei ca. 40%. Durch die Anbindung von Marktplätzen und Plattformen werden gezielt unterschiedliche Vertriebskanäle nach festgelegten Kriterien, wie beispielsweise bestimmte Sortimente und saisonale Schwerpunkte, angesprochen. With these, the range of the customer approach, and thus sales, can be significantly increased .

As a long-standing partner, Tradebyte has already participated in the implementation of various PROCLANE projects in the area of platform and marketplace integration. The simultaneous integration of SAP or other ERP systems, as well as modules such as CRM, PIM and payment providers, among others, was handled in parallel by PROCLANE.

Currently, various project modules are being implemented with our joint reference customer Salzenbrodt GmbH & Co. KG with the Collonil brand in this area.

Both Tradebyte and PROCLANE have decades of experience in eCommerce projects and are a well-coordinated team that has already proven itself many times in the past. The PROCLANE TB.connector for Tradebyte and SAP ensures a fully automated data exchange between Tradebyte and the SAP ERP system. The charm of the cooperation is shown in well coordinated processes and means for the customer a faster, trouble-free implementation with only one contact person. Further advantages are the definition of lean, secure and fast processes without manual intervention, ensuring maximum efficiency.