PROCLANE expands the range of solutions in the area of SAP integration

When connecting ERP systems, such as SAP, to webshops or marketplaces, the question of the required interfaces and their connection always arises during the design phase.

PROCLANE has always made it its business to address this issue in aun unproblematic customer-oriented manner and with little technical and time effort.

In the past few months, further solutions have been developed in order to be able to respond even more efficiently to customer needs with stable and innovative approaches.

In the area of SAP Cloud Integration, new adapters were completed. Salesforce as well as Shopware and Shopify can now be easily connected to SAP and offer targeted and flexible configuration options through various functionalities.

The newly developed OCI module increases the level of automation when connecting Shopware to ERP systems. Through the Open Catalog Interface, the store is called directly from the ERP or procurement system, no separate log-in is required. Individual rights and conditions are automatically taken into account. Furthermore, settings can be configured according to the user's needs. Processing time is shortened and errors are minimized, as data moves directly from one system to the other via the interface.