PROCLANE eCommerce GmbH & PROCLANE Integration GmbH

Privacy policy for the consent to the processing of personal data

1 Purpose and objectives

The protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data (pbD) is a fundamental right. PROCLANE Commerce GmbH and PROCLANE Integration GmbH (together PROCLANE) have the right to protect this fundamental right and thus the legal requirements.

Thanks to its committed and competent employees and business partners, PROCLANE Commerce GmbH is successful as an eCommerce agency with its solutions for B2B and B2C online trading. PROCLANE Integration GmbH is successful as a software integration house for the same reasons. Our ultimate goal is to preserve and increase the values of our company. This is only possible if our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners have confidence in our performance and reliability and if we are able to comply with legal and contractual requirements.

Data protection therefore has the highest priority in our daily actions. This applies to the completeness, accuracy, timeliness, confidentiality, integrity and availability of all personal data entrusted to us. Our independent, forward-looking actions are the key to sustainable data protection.



2 Scope and Responsibilities

The binding framework of our data protection management system (DSMS) applies to all employees of both companies PROCLANE as well as to employees of other companies who work for PROCLANE (hereinafter referred to as employees). In addition, the DSMS also applies to business partners who exchange pbDs with PROCLANE or work for PROCLANE or on the premises of PROCLANE. All employees and business partners are sensitized through training courses and consultations and are obliged to comply with our data protection guidelines.


PROCLANE is responsible for data protection:

  • the managing directors, who individually as data protection officers bear the legal responsibility for compliance with data protection. They initiate appropriate measures to strengthen data protection and, together with the data protection officer, examine the effectiveness of the results of these measures. The implementation of the measures can be transferred to employees.
  • the Data Protection Officer, who monitors compliance with data protection rules. He sensitizes the company's internal and external employees to their data protection obligations through training courses and consultations. The data protection officer is not responsible for the correct implementation of data protection. He is not subject to any instructions.
  • the managers who are responsible for implementing data protection in their areas of responsibility. They have the necessary authority to issue directives and coordinate with the data protection officer and other managers. They report to the Board of Management.

3 Principles

All employees of PROCLANE follow the following principles when processing personal data:


3.1 Legality, good faith, transparency
We process personal data transparently and on a legal basis at all times. Every person concerned receives information, as long as their identity can be credibly proven. In this way, we maintain transparency and strengthen processing in good faith.

3.2 Purpose limitation
We process personal data exclusively for the fulfilment of legitimate purposes. Personal data, which serve different purposes, are separated as far as possible.

3.3 Data minimization
We process personal data only to the extent necessary to fulfil legitimate purposes. Data not required in the respective context will not be processed. If the processing of anonymous or pseudonymised data is sufficient and possible, it will be used. 

3.4 Accuracy
We process personal data so carefully that we can maintain the accuracy during processing. It is ultimately not possible to check whether the data made available to us is actually correct. We comply with requests for rectification at any time, provided that the request and the information about the correct data are comprehensible and credible.

3.5 Memory limitation
We process personal data only as long as there is a clear permission or legal obligation to do so! The processing time will be limited to the required extent, i.e. data will be deleted as soon as possible, taking into account any storage obligations.

3.6 Accountability
We process personal data in such a way that we can account for the processing to the persons concerned, authorities and responsible persons at any time, provided that we are contract processors.

3.7 Availability
We process personal data using systems that guarantee the availability of personal data at all times in accordance with the current state of the art.

3.8 Load capacity
We process personal data using systems that are state of the art.

3.9 Confidentiality
We process personal data strictly confidentially. In our business processes, it is only made available to employees who need it to fulfil their legitimate duties. Technical and organizational measures are designed to ensure the confidentiality of personal data.

3.10 Integrity
We process personal data with technical and organisational measures in accordance with the ISO 27001 information security management system in such a way that they are not corrupted. Ongoing monitoring, regular checks and continuous improvement ensure the high level of our data protection. We ensure that the personal data processed by Proclane is complete, correct and up-to-date.

3.11 Timeliness
We process personal data and update them immediately if this is given due to appropriate information.