PROCLANE and ChannelEngine form a strategic partnership for SAP-integrated marketplace solution for B2B and B2C

The PROCLANE Integration GmbH, an SAP partner and leading system house for data integration, e-commerce, and digital process consulting, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with ChannelEngine.

Together, PROCLANE Integration and ChannelEngine offer a SAP-integrated marketplace solution based on ChannelEngine. ChannelEngine provides software that seamlessly connects products with over 100 national and international marketplaces, including platforms like Amazon Seller and Vendor.

Through the customized development of a PROCLANE Connector based on IntegrationMan (iMan), seamless data integration between ChannelEngine and SAP ERP is achieved. This partnership helps companies make their business processes more efficient by ensuring relevant data is available at the right time and place.

As a SAP® certified iPaaS solution, PROCLANE's iMan acts as a central data interface for system integration. iMan enables automatic data exchange between various applications, such as SAP ERP, PIM systems, and marketplaces, facilitating seamless communication and integration between these systems.

Common integration processes include SAP data such as product information, inventory, and order status. On the flip side, iMan transmits orders, cancellations, and documents from ChannelEngine to SAP.

As an additional benefit, PROCLANE Integration provides custom-developed function modules for reading relevant master data, available in the SAP Partner namespace. Unlike SAP's standard modules, which may not always be suitable for these specific master data processes, the function modules developed by PROCLANE Integration ensure efficient and tailored handling of master data processes. Communication via SAP IDocs is also frequently utilized.

The partnership between PROCLANE Integration and ChannelEngine creates a clear perspective for the future of digital trade integration. Targeted communication, shared innovation, and a strong commitment to customer success form the foundation of this collaboration.