Official SAP Certification Achieved for the IntegrationMan4 from PROCLANE!

PROCLANE is a leading systems integrator for Data Integration, E-Commerce, and digital process consulting. The PROCLANE Integration division is a certified SAP partner specializing in connecting enterprise applications and is delighted to announce the official SAP certification for IntegrationMan4. This certification covers SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC, highlighting the high quality and performance of our solution. It enables companies to seamlessly integrate SAP systems with non-SAP systems.

The Benefits of SAP® Certified Solutions

An SAP® certified solution sets the standard for transaction security, stability, and easy implementation. These certificates serve as an "official seal of approval" for interfaces, confirming that IntegrationMan4 seamlessly integrates into both the SAP® infrastructure and the SAP S/4HANA® infrastructure. For our customers, this means a significant simplification of system integration compared to non-certified solutions. Implementation times and costs are significantly reduced.

Our SAP® certification involved several critical steps:

Transaction Security: Highest security for your mission-critical data.

Single and Multiple Processing: Smooth handling of single and multiple processing.

Load Balancing: Optimal resource utilization through efficient load balancing.

Inbound and Outbound Processing: Seamless communication thanks to effective inbound and outbound processing.

Syntax Checks: Error-free integrations through rigorous syntax checks.

Mapping Rules: Effective implementation of mapping rules for seamless data integration.

Display RFC Trace Log: This step provides insight into the RFC trace log.

Transaction Handling (receive, commit, rollback): We assist you in handling transactions, including receipt, commit, and rollback.

This successful SAP® certification confirms the quality and reliability of IntegrationMan and underscores our commitment to the security and efficiency of your system integration.

The IntegrationMan4 from PROCLANE, as an SAP-certified iPaaS solution, serves as a central data hub for system integration. The iMan enables fully automated real-time data exchange between various applications such as the ERP system, online shop, CRM solution, PIM system, and payment system. From B2B and B2C shops to customer portals and marketplace solutions, the IntegrationMan4 facilitates seamless communication and integration between these systems.

In this way, data such as prices and inventory in the online shop are updated either on a scheduled basis or in real time directly from the SAP system as a live process. We achieve this by using our self-developed SAP function modules in the partner namespace, which allow for effortless extraction of various data, including querying lock indicators, material prices, or order statuses, down to ATP inventory determination.

Another major advantage of IntegrationMan4 is the standardization of its integration processes. This enables companies to implement many interface projects in only one-third of the usual time. IntegrationMan4 provides pre-built process templates for common interface requirements that can be easily customized to individual needs. This ensures efficient and speedy project execution with transparent effort.

We offer IntegrationMan4 as a managed service for seamless system integration.

PROCLANE is proud to receive the official SAP certification for IntegrationMan4, and we look forward to assisting companies in seamlessly integrating SAP and non-SAP systems.

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