PROCLANE Integration GmbH and Coupa enter into strategic partnership to provide integrated solutions for SAP

PROCLANE Integration GmbH, a respected SAP partner and leading system house for data integration and digital process consulting, announces the establishment of a strategic partnership with Coupa.

As part of this partnership, PROCLANE and Coupa will further deepen their collaboration and jointly provide an integrated solution for the seamless integration of SAP.

Coupa is an electronic finance platform used by companies such as BMW and Schaeffler to simplify expense management. The focus is on transparency, efficiency and optimisation.

With Coupa, orders and invoices can be sent and received electronically, allowing processes such as requisitioning, approval, delivery, acceptance, invoicing and payment to be handled efficiently. Coupa also offers functions for managing catalogues and adapting customer profiles for smooth collaboration between suppliers and companies.

Coupa quote: "We are very pleased about the strategic partnership with PROCLANE. It enables our customers to quickly realise the added value of the platform and help their business through strategic process improvements."

As an SAP-certified iPaaS solution, PROCLANE IntegrationMan (iMan) acts as the central middleware for system integration.

This allows data to be exchanged efficiently between the two systems without risking inconsistencies or data loss.

iPaaS offers companies flexibility and cost efficiency when integrating different systems. It also enables improved agility through rapid adaptation to changing business requirements and comprehensive security functions for data management.

The IntegrationMan middleware includes ready-made and SAP-certified process solutions for 80% of all integration scenarios.

For Coupa, these processes include material master data, purchase requisitions, budget information, accounts payable and purchase orders.

This ensures that the data is correctly synchronised between the SAP ERP and Coupa systems.

PROCLANE Integration projects are therefore significantly more efficient than comparable solutions.

PROCLANE also offers services in the area of SAP BTP Cloud Integration.

As an additional added value, PROCLANE Integration provides SAP function modules developed in-house, which are made available to customers in the SAP partner namespace. In contrast to SAP's standard modules, which are not always suitable for these specific master data processes, the function modules developed by PROCLANE ensure efficient and customised handling of master data processes. Communication via SAP IDocs is also frequently used.

The integrated solution from PROCLANE and Coupa enables companies to take full advantage of SAP and improve their business processes, reducing costs and optimising processes.

Both companies look forward to working together to implement this solution and support their customers in their digital transformation projects.