PROCLANE - specialist for certified SAP® integration at the Akeneo “Unlock” conference in Paris

PROCLANE is sponsor and exhibitor of the international conference of the Product Experience Management (PXM) - partner Akeneo. At "Unlock", which will take place from March 8 to 9 in Paris, the PIM and PXM community, among others, will meet to be inspired by the latest Akeneo developments. PROCLANE will complement the two-day event with a comprehensive expertise on data integration in the SAP ERP environment.

As the world's leading solution provider in Product Experience Management (PXM), Akeneo will present innovations from the Akeneo Product Cloud at the international "Unlock" conference. The company will present the impact that well-maintained and structured product data has on digital customer experiences.

To ensure the connection and integration of B2B and B2C data, Akeneo relies on its long-standing partnership with PROCLANE, a leading systems house for e-commerce. As a certified SAP® partner, PROCLANE knows how to connect Akeneo to the SAP® ERP system. Standardized integration processes developed by PROCLANE enable the connection of PIM systems to webshops, ERP and CMS systems. Thus, the connection between non-SAP® and SAP® systems is also possible. The PROCLANE services present themselves as a flexible platform for system integration, which links a multitude of business applications as a central data hub.

At the international Akeneo conference "Unlock", the company will be on site to explain how SAP® ERP systems can be quickly and securely connected to external solutions. For integration with other systems, the SAP® expert also offers function modules in the SAP® partner namespace.