PROCLANE Integration

Connection of SAP Salescloud and SAP ERP via SAP CPI

PROCLANE now offers the connection of SAP Salescloud and SAP ERP via SAP's Cloud Platform Integration (CPI). This is PROCLANE's response to the steadily increasing demand for cloud-based integration. The CPI is a cloud-based integration platform for connecting a wide range of information and communication systems, including SAP Salescloud (CRM), ECC and S/4 HANA (ERP). 

By using a cloud-based integration platform, CRM and ERP systems can be connected in real time without media disruption. At the same time, total cost of ownership and administrative effort are reduced to a minimum through server provisioning in an SAP data center. The connection is the first step into an IT infrastructure from the socket.

To connect SAP Salescloud and SAP ERP, SAP CPI already offers some standard scenarios, so-called integration flows, which only require parameterization. Depending on customer needs, integration flows can also be adapted or developed in-house.

A fast and sustainable transition to the cloud landscape is ensured by the interoperability of the individual SAP cloud solutions. The connection between the company network and the cloud is realized with the help of a cloud connector. A cloud connector creates a secure tunnel by decoupling the company intranet from the Internet (demilitarized zone). In this way, SAP meets the highest IT security standards required when dealing with cloud technologies. As an SAP partner with many years of experience in the area of process integration, we can help you with the implementation. You can find more information here on our website.