Intensification of the cooperation between Shopware and PROCLANE

PROCLANE has already cooperated with Shopware in the integration of webshops in the past. The integration of ERP data and other eCommerce modules such as PIM, payment and CRM are standard in the projects. In February, this cooperation will be highlighted once again by a blog post on the topic of internationalization in eCommerce at Shopware and a webinar by PROCLANE on the topic of "eCommerce solution for Shopware and SAP". 

As a special feature of the cooperation, an eCommerce B2B solution with real-time processes for SAP and other ERP will emerge in the first quarter of 2021. In particular, an API-first approach will be pursued here, which will ensure easier integration into other systems. It should be emphasized that all store functionalities can also be controlled via the API. 

When planning a web store, it is important to consider a variety of prerequisites and possibilities in order to create optimal initial conditions for a successful web store and to keep the effort of later adjustments as low as possible. Among other things, the choice of store provider is important. A distinction can be made here between internal and external requirements. Technical requirements, such as the type of interfaces or the methodology of data exchange, are important internally, while the product presentation or the type and quantity of payment methods are relevant for external evaluation.