Extension of functions in B2B-Shopware shops through PROCLANE plugins

The Shopware shop system already comes with many very good B2B functionalities. In addition to these, PROCLANE has developed various plugins that go beyond Shopware's basic B2B configurations..

For example, placing guest orders in B2B business is usually not desirable. The customer should either register or log in to place the order. In most cases, the options for changing customer data in the frontend should also be limited. This concerns, for example, the customer's billing and e-mail address. Furthermore not every B2B customer wants to place an order straight away. It is therefore practical to output the shopping basket as a PDF document.

With the help of plug-ins, the appearance of the shop can also be adapted to the requirements in terms of visual presentation. Hiding front-end elements that are not needed via a simple configuration in the back-end or the use of basic design elements make it possible to reduce the content to what is essential for the customer and thus improve the ordering experience.

The requirements are even more far-reaching when it comes to interaction with the integration of SAP. Here, customer-specific queries from the customer's SAP are particularly important. These include the display of live prices, live availabilities and the order history including the corresponding documents.

The plug-ins lead to an optimisation in the use of the webshop. The development of additional plug-ins according to customer requirements is another service provided by PROCLANE.