This Online Shop comes directly to you

Open Catalog Interface (OCI) - explained simply:

For SAP® users, eCommerce is now even simpler: Online stores with OCI interface (Open Catalog Interface) can be launched directly from your procurement system. This means you no longer have to open the store in a separate browser window.

The online store virtually comes to you, into your SAP system! Due to the Open Catalog Interface (OCI) you can now call up external product catalogs and enable purchasing to fill the SAP® shopping cart via them.

You can do without the login process. Your individual conditions and rights are stored immediately. You do not have to change when ordering. Navigation and shopping cart work as usual with OCI interface.



Data in real time

If you have connected your suppliers' product catalogs via OCI, then you have the advantage that the product data is always up-to-date. B2B functionalities such as live price determination, availability check or fast entry are available to you without restriction with the OCI interface. You don't have to worry about providing your customers with the latest product catalog at regular intervals. Changes to the product range are immediately visible to all connected customers.

For example, if you want to know whether 20 pieces of the item are in stock, you can find out with just a few clicks. You then immediately trigger a purchase requisition in your SAP® system.

You decide which information is transferred. The OCI interface is configured according to your wishes. The store also transfers individual customer material or order numbers to your SAP® system.

B2B order platforms will no longer be able to do without OCI functionalities in the future. OCI is the standard for the automation of ordering processes and for some online ordering platforms the guarantor for success. Proclane Commerce's OCI module bridges the gap between fast, standardized purchasing processes and convenient product presentation and research in modern online shops. The response from our customers was consistently positive.

PROCLANE Commerce   

Shorter processing time, less errors

After the checkout process, the time saving continues. The contents of your shopping cart are automatically transferred to your procurement system by OCI and created there as a purchase requisition (BANF). This automatic process is called punch-out. It reduces the lead time of purchase orders and the error rate. Errors that can occur due to an outdated database are thus excluded from the outset.

For the OXID eShop and Shopware, our integration and eCommerce specialists have developed a standard OCI module that we configure according to your requirements.

OCI Comfort: How sellers benefit

OCI simplifies purchasing processes and offers suppliers important competitive advantages. OCI orders continue to arrive at the vendor via the conventional route, and via EDI the digital process is continuous. If orders are received by e-mail or fax, there is a gap. From now on, you can close this gap with OCIcomfort.

We have designed this module for OXID eShops and Shopware especially for companies whose customers do not transmit their orders via EDI.


With OCIcomfort, the order is automatically triggered in your system in parallel with the punch-out at your customers. All data is available to you as a normal online order. For example, they are automatically transferred to your ERP system using the efficient processes from OXID4SAP® and processed there. Later, they are available to you for evaluations.


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