Our eCommerce customers mainly come from mechanical engineering, industry and technology. So we know what's important in your B2B business.


We know the key success factors for your digital aftersales

eCommerce in mechanical engineering and industry is slowly growing. Many companies are planning to gain initial experience in digital aftersales: with the sale of spare parts and tools. They are well suited for online trading, but still difficult to handle: Often it's about hundreds of small, individual products with low prices and margins. Customers are always in a hurry: they want to find and order the relevant spare part or tool as quickly as possible. And your in-house order processes must be as efficient as possible to make business worthwhile. Nevertheless (or precisely because of that): The parts business is ideally suited for entering the online trade and digitization.


How integrated eCommerce works in the parts business: the online shop of our customer Framo Morat


Frequent requirements of our customers from mechanical engineering and industry

In our experience, up to 80 percent of the processes in digital parts sales are always the same. For these requirements, we have developed standard functionalities that we adapt to your systems.



We also frequently encounter extended B2B functionalities. We have also prepared solutions for them. And in all requirements that go beyond this, we are happy to adapt to your individual wishes.


PROCLANE webshops already offer numerous B2B functions as standard

Download: 10 success factors for eCommerce in the service and spare parts business

Our consultants have been advising companies in mechanical engineering and industry for many years. They know the requirements of complex eCommerce projects and have designed and implemented successful solutions.

We have compiled their most important tips for starting an eCommerce project in the service and spare parts business for you in a checklist that you can download here free of charge.

I would like to download the PROCLANE check list "eCommerce in the service and spare part business" for free:

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eCommerce Reference: Framo Morat

Our customer Framo Morat from Eisenbach sells worm gear sets to its worldwide industrial customers in its online shop. In numerous real-time processes, the online shop and SAP system exchange data and orders automatically and live.


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eCommerce Reference: SERTO Group

The Swiss SERTO Group is a specialist in pipeline technology. In the SAP-integrated online shop (OXID4SAP), your customers can not only order the complete range and view delivery dates, but also have direct access to all older orders, regardless of the sales channel.


Download case study (german)


VDMA survey: What IT investments are German mechanical engineers planning?

VDMA survey: What IT investments are German mechanical engineers planning?

In a study, the VDMA, Europe's largest industrial association, asked German machine manufacturers about planned IT investments up to 2020. The result shows a front-runner: eCommerce. In 2016, eCommerce ranked fifth among the planned projects and has thus become significantly more important.

Also, only one in five companies had an eCommerce strategy in 2016. According to the VDMA, this figure has now risen to 40 percent. It shows that the larger a company is, the more likely it is to have already adopted a digitization strategy.

Source: VDMA IT Report 2018 to 2020


This result is in line with the experiences we make with our customers: Setting up an online shop for parts or service sales is a relatively straightforward introduction to digitization. 


You can gradually activate product or customer groups and thus learn from practical experience again and again. Because results are always immediately visible and can be taken into account in further steps.



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