Digital synchronization instead of manual maintenance

A pure online shop is set up quite quickly. The challenge increases if data and documents are to be synchronized automatically with other systems. But if you are really serious about digital transformation and have an eye on efficient processes, i.e. Lean Management, an eCommerce implementation has an impact on almost all areas of a company. Not only technically, but above all organizationally. Because processes will change in many departments: for products, finances and above all for people.


Good planning saves time and money

If the store project is already up and running, any clarification of responsibilities or manual processes costs valuable time. Programming gets bogged down.
That's why it's a good idea to start thinking about the project before it begins. What should the new eCommerce processes look like? How can management, sales, finance, logistics or purchasing and, of course, your customers benefit?

A regular eCommerce agency will not help you with these questions. It has too little knowledge of organizational processes in companies. Our experienced consultants have been supporting change management processes for many years, asking the right questions, using tried-and-tested consulting tools, and working with you to develop a roadmap for rapid implementation.

Define goals

In the first step of our consultation we record your requirements. Where do you stand? And where do you want to go?

What you can rely on is that our consultants have the big picture in mind right from the start. Thanks to their many years of experience, they ask the right questions and thus protect you from unpleasant surprises in the later project.

Analyze data

When we have completely collected your information, we analyse it. We identify problem areas, specify the need for change and uncover dependencies.

Always with one goal in mind: to find a good solution for you. In our analysis and evaluation we rely on classical methods of quality assurance. If possible, we tailor our approach to the methods you already use for your reporting, such as Ishikawa or FMEA.


You decide in which format we prepare our results. From the swimlane to the simulation: We document our analyses as your management needs them.

(By the way: we always found swimlanes so good that we even derived part of our name PROCLANE from them. Do you guess where the other one comes from? Right: from Process.)

Roadmap to get started

At the end of our consultation we don't say "you should": We will give you concrete approaches for your management decisions. With to dos, responsibilities and deadlines.

This means: When we are finished, you can start implementing immediately. This is what we understand by consulting.


Some questions our consultants will go through with you:

  • What exactly does your sales process look like today?

  • Where are there workarounds, for example for special requirements?

  • What impact does the online shop have on communication with the customer?

  • Does the commission model for the field sales force need to change?

  • Who ensures the quality of the product data?

  • How can suppliers be better integrated?

  • Are the requirements for shipping and delivery times increasing through the digital sales channel?

  • How are incoming payments checked?

  • How can you motivate employees for the new processes?

When an online store is running, you should focus on making it successful. It's good if you have clarified questions about processes or exceptions to processes in advance.

At first this seems to be a great effort - but it's always worth it.

Hans Torlée  
PROCLANE Commerce   


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