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eCommerce and integration projects are rarely small. They have an influence on many areas and people in the company. Our consultants will support you from the beginning. From their many years of experience, they know the opportunities and pitfalls of large digitisation projects. They always have one experience: Good planning in advance makes projects faster and more efficient and ensures relaxation for all involved.

Are you already digitizing?

An eCommerce introduction has an impact on almost all areas of the company. Processes have to be optimized, interfaces created and existing systems adapted. And last but not least, you have to make sure that your employees follow the new paths with conviction. Our consultants will be happy to help you!


PROCLANE consulting for efficient processes

Not many, but the right key figures

A large database ist only worthwile if it helps you finding the right decisions, for day-to-day operations as well as for strategic decisions. Which KPIs are these? Where do they come from? These are just two of the questions our consultants will discuss with you as part of our Big Data consulting. 


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