Not many, but the right key figures

A large database only makes sense if it helps you to make the right decisions. You don't need many, you need the right key figures. For day-to-day operations as well as for strategic decisions at all management levels. And the best thing to do in the future is to receive these figures automatically.

Which KPIs are they? Where do they come from? Who needs to see what and when? These are just a few of the questions that our consultants will support you with as part of Big Data consulting. You look beyond the end of your nose and keep an eye on the requirements of the various corporate divisions. You know what it takes to compress Big Data. And they help you to find the right indicators for your decisions.

We ask the right questions

What information do you need? What data can you generate from your different systems? With our many years of consulting experience and our external perspective, we can help you formulate a clear goal. And perhaps we can come up with approaches that you haven't even had before.


We help you to manage your data

Once you have determined which key figures you need and where you get them from, the second step begins: How do you combine the data from the various sources in a meaningful way? Which processes are necessary for this? What, how and where do you store it? And how do you ensure data quality in the long term?


We get the most out of your numbers

Now you have all the information at your fingertips. What do they mean? What can you deduce from it? Where are there connections, which were not so obvious so far? And what conclusions can you draw from your analyses in the long term? With our experience from consulting many companies, we can help you to make optimum use of your database.


We give creative impulses

The right key figures are valuable, but you don't earn money with them. Where can you now optimize your processes to better serve your customers? How can you become more efficient? And where do new business ideas hide? We also support you in this, so that Big Data ultimately becomes a big profit for you.



Safety first: Protection for personal data and know-how

Because data is so valuable, it needs special protection. According to the DSGVO and other data protection requirements, you must ensure the security of information about customers, prospects, employees or suppliers and take the appropriate precautions.

Your know-how must also be better protected in a wide variety of company areas if you work more digitally. Our consultants will be happy to assist you with planning and implementation.


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